..my dream house..

  It started, It slowly and gradually increased; My heart melted, It was what I wished. I was on cloud nine, Beacuse everything was going fine. My every happiness was related to it, Until and unless it got split. Now my love turned into fear, Beacuse I saw something here. I saw my house’s destruction, […]

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Broken pieces.

You broke me into pieces, I didn’t utter a word. You broke me into pieces, I walked away with a smile. You broke me into pieces, Knowing there wasn’t a reason. You broke me into pieces, But never wanted to move on. At last you broke me into pieces and Gave me a reason to […]

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Zara sa muskurao.

Hum kabhi aapki palko me aansu nahi lana chahte the, Na jane hum kis daur se guzar rahe the. Na kisiko bata paye, Na kisi ko jata paye. Agar vajah bata di hoti tumko, Tum kho dete the tumko. Hum toh tumhe muskurate hue dekhna chahte the, Na jane kyu aansu de gaye.

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Kuch aisi vajah …

Hogi kuch aisi vajah, jo hum Tumko bata na paye, Ab batao tumhare bina kaise jiya jaye. Tumhe laga ki hum tumse mukar gaye, Tumse nahi balki hum khud se hi mukar gaye. Jaan toh usi din nikal gayi thi jab hum chal diye the, Par tumhe voh dard nahi bata paye the. Ye soch […]

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Rehna har dum sath.

Jeena tumhare sath hai, Marna bhi tumhare sath hai. Par uske pehle kuch aise pal bitana chahte hai hum, Ki Marne k baad bhi bhul na paye hum. Tumse saanse chalti hai, Dam bhi tum par todna hai. Kehni toh bahot si baate hoti hai, Kya kare. Tumhe dekhkar zaban ruk jo jati hai. Kya […]

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A love poem💝

I love when you hold my hand, Whether it may be on bandstand. We pray together, For being together. You accepted my madness, It was your greatness. We are Miles apart from each other, But we still are a part of each other. I was one of your wish, Now you are one of my […]

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When she Saw him after years.

Yesterday I saw a girl was standing right in front of my eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness. May be she was waiting for someone, looking here and there, searching for someone.A cab came took a hault infront of her, a man stepped out. I saw that beautiful smile on her face and a […]

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The breeze murmured something in my ears,  That made my eyes fill with tears.  It said something sad, That was really bad.  It reminded me of my past, I knew it would never last. I was infront of my mother’s portrait,  Where before years she passed away.

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